MINT-EC School

We are EXCELLENCE with respect to the MINT subjects – Award for MINT-EC school 2014

Since beginning of the school year 2014/15 the Christian-von-Dohm-Gymnasium (CvD) is member of the national excellence web of those schools laying emphasis on mathematics and natural sciences.

In more details:

MINT-EC is the excellence web of schools offering a MINT (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) profile for the 6th form. An independent expert jury evaluated the MINT school profile as well as both the quality and the quantity of MINT topics offered by the CvD. These were rated as "good". Especially the manifold offers of work shops, the MINT projects and the web established by partners in economics, research and universities convinced the experts.

Particularly, the jury accentuated the founded society of friends „Jungforscher am CvD“ as well as the successful participations in German MINT competitions like "Nature Diary" of BUND, "Kangaroo of Mathematics", "Pupils' Experiments", "Youth Research Competition" (German: "Jugend forscht"), award of the Christophorus foundation, German environment competition, Siemens award and the long-term cooperation with the educational department of the museum and former mine "Rammelsberg" at the occasion of the European "Science on Stage Festival 2013".

F. Eberlein, U. Eckhof, A. Buchholz, N. Rinke, R. Töpperwien and Dr. F Walter

Since many years a team of teachers has created these offers within the concept of the all-day-school (which was not quite common in Germany until the last decade). These offers have been optimized for the different forms with respect to difficulty and required effort. Some offers were specially lauded like the MINT profile classes "Energy Scouts", the natural scientific excursions to Dresden for the 5th form as well as the close cooperation with the regional center for environmental education "Nationalpark Harz" located in Bad Harzburg, e.g. the "Lynx day", studies of forest ecology and chemical and biological investigations of waters at the 6th form.

With it the CvD won a further award in addition to several "Comenius projects", the award "Environmental School in Europe - International Agenda 2010" and the "Youth Research Competition" school award 2012. Hence, the CvD gained another confirmation of its pupil-oriented offers, especially in the fields of encouragement of high and MINT skills.

During the two years of qualifying period, the CvD is the only school between Braunschweig and Göttingen participating in the web of currently 212 certified schools under the patronage of the "Kultusministerkonferenz der Länder (KMK)". As a consequence of this membership the school has access to a wide range of both event and assist offers for students as well as to further trainings and professional exchange of information for teachers.

Administrative contact of the MINT team: Dr. Frank Walter