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European School

The title "European School" was introduced by the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony in 1996. Each school is allowed for adding the title "European School" to its name if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Selection between at least three modern languages
  • Integration of European topics into the curriculum
  • Participation at European education programs
  • Stable contacts to foreign partners

The CvD-Gymnasium fulfills all these conditions and frequently even more.

At the CvD the students are allowed to choose between French, Spanish and Latin as the second language whereas English is first choice for all students. As an option since a few years, the students may improve their language skills additionally in several "Arbeitsgemeinschaften" (special learning groups).

Working on topics regarding European history, politics, economy and culture is a fixed part of the respective subjects and their curricula. However, even in language subjects such issues are both treated and discussed.

In the past the CvD participated in several European school projects of all different kinds. The portfolio consists of topics like languages, natural sciences, arts and the inspiring Comenius program.

In order to keep direct contact to other European students, the CvD organises several student exchanges with schools all over the continent. 

In addtion to these aspects of European lessons, the CvD plans to offer some bilingual subjects. Attending these subjects, the students are allowed to participate in their usual language (German) as well as in a preliminary defined second language.